《English Poems by Chao》序言

选自诗集Out of Chaos, Paper Boat和Fate of a Grasshopper

《English Poems by Chao》诗词列表

Russel Compared Life (4023) from Out of Chaos (3908) New Poems by Chao (3673)
Six Poems (3481) from Fate of Grasshopper (3452) Dutiful Children (3432)
Rings Interpreted (3419) Poems On Death (3414) Tale of the Voice (3347)
The Ants and I (3317) Groaning Creations (3262) To a Well-known Linguist (3247)
Strolling through the Woo (3193) Siblings (3141) Civilization (3130)
The Ant and the Book (3125) My Child in my Arms (3091) Rainy Night (3040)
Twenty-seven Poems (2003) Two Poems (1696) Untitled (1632)
Short Poems (1620) Message from Zion 2 (1614) The Fate of a Grasshopper (1578)
Do Not Go into That Night (523)


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