Death is two inches

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Death is two inches from the ground

Death is two inches from the ground
Her two fingers U-shaped
squeezed before my pupil
looked so forceful
as likely to narrow
a little and a little

When your walking feet
fail to touch the ground
(She trod with a thud
her hand dropped
palm down
onto the table
a smothered slap)
you become a shadow
a darkened windy hollow
amplified there in the window
Her thumb pointing over my shoulder
with white foams as spit out of a river

I was shocked by her vividness
subconsciously looked back
and saw a raven black
standing on the sill
resembling my cheek

Death is only a hair thin
She stressed with a sharp pain
her hand shaking into my vision
a magic hair fair
twisted between
her two fingers

Death is two inches


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