Psalm of Life

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Psalm of Life
for H.W. Longfellow

Life is but a breath
And the breath is my Maker

So often I was racking my brains
Ignoring the work of breath in heart
Leaving my body and head tired out
Making me breathless even to death

Life is an only breath
And the breath is my author
My inspirer & my encourager

So often I was writing writing
Taught to imagine & imagine
Inventing fiction after fiction
Conceiving slogan by slogan
To please both men & women
Making my life a funny dream
For only that which comes from
The whisper of breath is my home

Life is a powerful breath
The breath is my essence and strength

So often I was exercising my muscles
Forgetting the goal of exercises trains
The know-how to gather up my breath
And let the breath rule over my whole

And the breath of life is my meaningful follow

My psalm of life is not so sonorous as yours
But might be more practical and substantial
For Elohim the Eternal is not over my head
But in my breath and soul
I move and exist in Him

My biggest sin
Or the sin of human being
Is the ignorance of His Being

Writing about life makes me light
Like a tongue tasting its voice
With the breath of its words
Ready to take flight

Writing a poem I die to myself
For another and great life
To alight on height
Shine my light

I am now aware
As an incarnation
Of the breath divine
My poetry lives like air


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