Frontier Song

2019-12-13 21:59:52  陈志凌  所属诗集  阅读153 】


五月天山雪, 无花只有寒。笛中闻《折柳》, 春色未曾看。晓战随金鼓, 宵眠抱玉鞍。愿将腰下剑, 直为斩楼兰。
Frontier Song(One of Six Poems)
In May the high mountain of Tianshan is covered with snow, And no flowers can be seen in the bitter cold.A flute tune of Willows Green drifts in the air, But nowhere can one find the trace of spring.From dawn until dusk to beats of drum soldiers courageously fight. With saddles in their arms, they fall into sleep at night.From the scabbard at my waist I'd draw my sword And put to an end the life of the chieftain of the Turki horde.


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